Skole Linux

Last updated 3-12-2022

Skole linux and DebianEdu have merged. Edubuntu has been discontinued. The exciting new feature of Skole/DebianEdu is that it is now using x2go as its protocol between the server and the individual client workstations. This should allow Raspberry Pi computers to serve as x2go clients. The Pi 4B is powerful enough to run its apps locally and supports dual monitors, so it could run local programs on one monitor and more compute demanding apps on the remote server on the other monitor. These options need to be compared to piserver which also runs apps on the server and can PXE boot Raspberry Pi clients. Notice that DebianEdu is a DHCP server. There can only be one DHCP server on a network, so this will require some custom configuration of either the installation or of your main router that is providing internet access.

This project seems best suited to large workstation installations because it can coordinate a main server with subsidiary servers supporting multiple subnets of clients.

Note that the educational apps provided can be obtained and installed on piserver which also has a base of Debian.

The default installation of DebianEdu does not work without modification when you have a router providing DHCP and two network devices on the server with one intended solely for the internet. It may be easier to install LTSP to a plain Debian in this case, so I am going to try that approach next.